Dongguan Hoppt Light Technology Co.,Ltd.

Business Type:Manufacturer
Main Market:North America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
No. of Employees:1100~1200
Annual Sales:70000000-100000000
Year Established:2005
Export p.c:60% - 70%
About Us

Who we are

Dongguan Hoppt Light Technology Co., Ltd. was born in 2005 and headquartered in Chengye Industrial Park, Guantai Road, Dongguan City,which has Huizhou & Dongguan major production bases and Songshan late research center. It is an industrial enterprise that provides customized power solutions and product services for global customers.



What we do

Hoppt is committed to customing power supply solutions and providing clean, safe, and intelligent power supply products. Now it becomes the world's leading supplier of customized lithium-ion battery solutions and products.



Company concept

Hoppt is concentrating on satisfying customers with different customized power supplies, providing clean, safe, and intelligent power products and application solutions. It is committed to providing customers with more efficient power solutions as its goal, and continuously improves the company's R & D and customization for various environmental conditions—technical strength. Go with you for collective progress.



Cooperative client

Hoppt has long-term cooperation with many well-known corporations, such as SUUNTO ,STAGE,DECATHLON,SONY,ACER,ABB,SEALINK,LENMAR,XIAOMI,HGTX,etc.



Application area

The products are widely used in medical, 3C consumer electronics, public security, power communication, secure communication, transportation and logistics, exploration and mapping, military industry, and other fields.




Quality system is based on ISO9001 and strictly controls product quality.

Our products meet multiple international certifications, such as UL ,CB ,CE ,UN ,PSE ,KC ,BIS ,CQC ,3C , etc.




Hoppt provides the most attentive service to customers with the most preferential and competitive prices, the highest quality and reliable product quality, the most advanced research and development technology and the most efficient production efficiency.


1.Product quality assurance

Our company promises that the materials used and the products produced comply with the relevant national standards. The production process strictly controls each process, and all products are tested before shipment.


2.Fair price commitment

Our company set up its own factory to provide customers with the best price while ensuring product quality.


3.Delivery time protection

Our company ensures that the delivery time is on time, except for special circumstances. If customer needs are urgent, they can apply for priority arrangements and try their best to meet customer delivery requirements.


4.Quality service commitment

 Our company adheres to the fast, efficient, accurate and thoughtful service purpose. Customer-centric and full cooperation.

Our Team

Hoppt has a strong customer service team and operation team that can communicate with customers in a timely and effective manner. The technical team now has more than 70 scientific researchers, including senior engineers in the fields of electrochemistry, structure, electronics, materials, measurement, and control, and power supply Many people. 

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