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Dongguan Hoppt Light Technology Co.,Ltd. factory production line 0
Dongguan Hoppt Light Technology Co.,Ltd. factory production line 0

Production equipment

 Lithium-ion polymer battery production process       

1.100000 Grade Clean Workshop 2.Blender 3.Automatic Roll Squeezer 4.Automatic Roll squeezer 5.Automatic Slitting Machine 6.Automatic Slitting Machine  7.Four-in-one Sealing Machine 8.Automatic Electrolyte Injection Machine 9.Vacuum Oven 10.X-RAY Battery Internal Scan 11.Automatic OVC Testing&Sorting Machine 12.Two-Dinmensional Image Measuring Instrument

Lithium ion cylindrical battery production process     

1.100000 Grade Clean Workshop 2.Assemble Automatic Stepping Machine 3.Coating Machine 1 4.Middle Section Of The Workshop 5.Coating Machine 2 6.Positive Mixing Workshop 7.Positive Double Layer Coating Workshop 8.Assemble The Automatic Face Pad Machine 9.Operating The Negative Slitting Machine 10.Roll Making Machine 11.Coil Making Machine Workshop 12.Ingredients Transfer Tank


You can choose ODM or OEM according to the needs of your company, both of us are acceptable.

Battery logo, specifications and packaging can be customized according to customer requirements.


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