An Introduction to Electric Mining Truck Battery

Dec 14, 2021

An Introduction to Electric Mining Truck Battery

An Introduction to Electric Mining Truck Battery


Lately, the Swedish battery firm declared the delivery of the most significant lithium-ion battery system order so far to be used in Epiroc’s electrical mining vehicles. Both parties have developed a battery-powered system platform for both Epiroc mining machines. For a little while, it brought the electrification”eyes” of international mining units.

Not just overseas, domestic firms also regularly move within the subject of electrical mining cards, such as the XCMG Heavy Industry, Yutong Heavy Industry, Beiben Heavy Truck, Hongwei New Energy, Henan Yueshen, Kaiwo Automobile, and other businesses have various degrees of design within this discipline.

According to its debut, Luoyang Molybdenum is the first business in the mining sector to finish the conversion of mining truck battery packs.

The newest vehicles are pure electrical mining dump trucks individually manufactured by XCMG, using an entire weight of 90 lots plus also a load of 60 tons.

In January this year, Hulunbeier Yimin Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. conducted two electrical mine trucks using a complete load of 60 tons and a range of 50km beneath the exceptionally cold conditions in the mining region.

All indications indicate that the”tentacles” from the electrification area have attained the past”virgin soil” of mining vehicles at the electrification area.

As a result of big size, heavy self-load / loading, and regular overloading of mining trucks (like the entire burden of those above-mentioned mining trucks of XCMG reaches 90 tons), combined with the limits of their street conditions from the mining region and other things, the advancement of electrification is slow. “Critical area” must be solved. Together with the maturation of electrification, the technology is growing more mature and also the price of batteries is constantly falling. The electrification of mining trucks has become potential and is progressing systematically.

A variety of industry insiders shown to Gaogong Lithium two chief things are driving the electrification of mining trucks: First, the usage of price benefits, along with the gap between the gas and power of electrical mining cards and classic gas vehicles is evident.

As an instance, a 90-ton gas wide-roof card may price 300,000 to 500,000 yuan annually for light-burning oil. Under the very same conditions, the price of electricity is simply 1/3 of their petroleum price, meaning that the yearly photoelectricity The price can save 200,000 into 330,000 yuan, which doesn’t include the expense of fixing, depreciating, and insurance of gasoline vehicles.

Secondly, environmental security and policy marketing. It requires that tools to be economically developed, preserved, and correctly developed and used with environmental security and governance according to conventional mining.