Connection method of lithium battery pole ear

Dec 14, 2021

Connection method of lithium battery pole ear

Connection method of lithium battery pole ear

1. Screw after drilling and tapping.


Advantages: high mechanical connection strength, firm and reliable, low cost.


Disadvantages: Due to unknown thickness, there is some risk.


2. After drilling and tapping, welding copper wire with ordinary soldering tin, test with an aluminum block, steps: Drilling power wire with tin solder filling the middle don’t forget to plug copper wire 1.0 soldering tin pliers can not pull down the copper wire to be on the safe side, a pole preferably two to three empty and then on the copper strip is quite stiff.


Advantages: simple equipment, smooth operation, low cost.


Disadvantages: The solidity of the welding remains to tested.


3. Use M51 wire (low-temperature wire) for direct welding. Welding material: M51+M51-F, low-temperature copper, and aluminum welding.
M51 is short for WEWELDING – M51, also known as the universal 51, is the producer of R&D industry company, it is a kind of contains a particular rare element of low-temperature copper aluminum welding wire, 2010 by Wei Odin (Tianjin) welding technology co., LTD.

Introduction of mainland China is mainly used to solve almost all white metal in the low temperature significantly ability, including white metal zinc (barely welding), aluminum alloy, copper, lead, tin-lead alloy, and lead, etc.

M51 may also weld any of the above metals to copper, brass, steel, stainless steel or bronze, or any other metal.

Ma Yun on the search, the price is a little high, the diameter of 1.3 mm 3 meters long M51 will be 25 yuan, M51-F flux vial is 50 yuan.


Advantages: the introduction says that the equipment is simple and the welding is firm


Disadvantages: high cost, firmness to be tested