The Simplest Guidance For Maintenance And Management Of Ups Power System You Could Ever Give

Dec 14, 2021

The Simplest Guidance For Maintenance And Management Of Ups Power System You Could Ever Give

The Simplest Guidance For Maintenance And Management Of Ups Power System You Could Ever Give


To enhance the reliability and maintainability of this gear, many enterprises have built with the UPS grid system. The UPS (UninterrupTIble Power) Power supply system consists of several parts: rectifiers, energy storage devices, inverters, and static switches. At present, there are lots of kinds of UPS systems in the domestic and international markets, whose chief functions and principles are the same, these aspects of its use and maintenance are briefly introduced.




UPS is mainly used in two aspects: first, it is used in a Crisis to prevent sudden power failure from affecting the normal Functioning of Their Gear and Also causing damage to the electrical equipment; The second is to remove”power contamination” such as electricity surge, instantaneous high voltage, instantaneous low voltage, power line noise and frequency degradation on the electricity supply, enhance the energy supply quality and supply high-quality power supply for your electric equipment.


UPS is principally composed of four parts: the rectifying system, the energy storage system, the transformation system, along with the switch controller system. After the electricity supply system is supplied, the rectifying system is a system that converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) and supplies the inverter or charges that the energy storage system following the voltage is filtered and stabilized, which ACTS as a charger. It consists of several batteries in series, and the battery capability determines the length of its discharge. The most important use of the energy storage system is to convert the electrical energy to chemical energy and store it from the battery once the electricity supply system is ordinary. Once the power supply system fails, the chemical energy is converted to electric energy and given to the inverter or loading. It consists of an inverter bridge, controller logic circuit, along with also the filter circuit. The switching switch controller system is a contactless switch, which is an ac switch composed of SCR in reverse concurrent. Its closure and disconnection are commanded with the logic control, and it is split into two different types: conversion kind and concurrent form. The switching switch is principally used from the two-way electricity supply system. Its job is to realize that the automated switching from 1 power supply to some other power supply.
And also the sort of switch is principally used in parallel inverter and electricity supply lines or even more aerodynamic systems.




Appropriate use of UPS power supply system Can’t only protect it also help to extend its service Lifetime, specific in the following aspects:


(1) assess UPS power supply frequently

When using the UPS power supply system, not just the key components should be inspected frequently, but also the voltage and internal resistance of each battery cell from the UPS battery package.

When a voltage of this battery unit discovered the battery gap > 0.4 V or resistance Ω > 0.08, it should be off work strange cells and a battery link cable, use the external individual charger to separate function strange cells, the charging voltage (such as 12 V battery) maintain between 13.5 ~ 13.8 V, control the charging period of 10 ~ 12 h.

It should be said that through the use of the UPS power supply, the charging of every battery unit at the battery pack will probably be inconsistent, which might result in the imbalance of battery mobile terminal voltage and battery internal resistance.

These cannot be removed and adjusted by charging the inner charging loop of the UPS power supply system. In the event the off-site charging of unbalanced battery cells is not completed at the time, the aforementioned problems may be serious.


(2) first charging


Before using the newest UPS power supply, the battery should be immediately billed for approximately 12h at a no-load state. When the UPS power supply is at the state of drifting charge for quite a while without discharge operation, then the entire UPS is at the state of storage. Whether this state is preserved for quite a while, the battery operates may decline on account of the long term storage state, and the battery will slowly become inefficient or scrapped over time. It is encouraged that your UPS battery is used to supply power to the gear once in around three months so the UPS battery may discharge normally. It is advisable to restrain the discharge voltage over the allowable minimum discharge voltage.

(3) the option of charging time

To avoid the battery-powered unit of UPS electricity from being ruined prematurely as a result of long-term insufficient charging, users of UPS should schedule the battery charging period at night as far as possible, to ensure sufficient time and stable voltage to charge the battery after discharging.

(4) excessive discharge should be prevented when using UPS power supply

It is well-known that the amount of over-discharge of UPS power should be diminished during the performance because the amount of over-discharge directly affects battery life. But once the power supply system fails and the UPS battery set outputs the present to its inverter, the UPS power supply will normally send an alarm sound with an interval of 4 5s, suggesting the UPS power supply is in the state of the battery supply. At this moment, emergency therapy should be performed ahead of the excessive discharge of their UPS power supply, along with the generator set should be used to substitute the electricity supply system to supply the UPS electricity punctually, to prevent the excessive discharge of this UPS battery package. When the excessive discharge of the UPS battery is not mended timely and efficiently, the service life of the UPS battery will probably be significantly reduced.