48v 200ah Lifepo4 Automotive Battery , E Bike Lithium Battery Pack 80*40*70mm

Basic Information
Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HB
Model Number:HB-48V200Ah
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Detail Information

Product Description


HB 48V200Ah


2.Technical parameters




Specification description



The surface is clear and is free of scratch, mechanical cuts and match well with the host.

2.2Charge voltage58 V
2.3Nominal voltage51.2V
2.4Cut-off voltage40V
2.5Nominal Capacity

202Ah(at 0.33C rate discharge after standard charge)

2.6Minimum capacity 202Ah(at 0.33C rate discharge after standard charge) 


Standard Charge Current &Voltage

Step 1:0.2 CC charge to 58V; Step 2: CV (constant voltage 58V) charge till charge current decline to 0.05C.

Temperature: 0~10℃ 

Step 1:0.33 CC charge to 58V; Step 2: CV (constant voltage 58V) charge till charge current decline to 0.05C.

Temperature: 10~50℃


Charging time

4.0 hours (Ref.)


Max. charge current



Max. continue discharge current


Max. peak discharge current



Operating temperature

Charging: 0°C ~ 50°C

Discharging: -20°C ~60°C


Storage Temperature and Humidity Range

1 month:-20~45°C

3 months:-10~45°C

6 months: 0~25°C Humidity:45%~90% RH 




The battery should cycle once in three month. Recommended storage temperature is 25 ± 5°C of SOC 50%~60%.


 Cycle Life

≥2000 cycles, more than 80% at 0.33C charge and 0.5C discharge at 25°C(Charge method :0.33C CC charge to 58V, then CV 58V charge till charge current decline to ≤ 0.05C; Discharge: Constant current 0.33C 40.0V Cut-off)


Pack Initial Internal Impedance

≤100mΩ (50% SOC, Measure the AC impedance at 1kHz)


Pack weight

  Approx 83kg

Delivery voltage

 2.18  Battery dimension  780(L)*420(W)*200(H)
 2.19  Function


Communication (RS485/CAN),Nixie tube,

 2.20  Color  BLACK 


3.Main characteristics

High working voltage 

High efficiency output

Long cycle life

High safety

Environmental and pollution-free




4.Application Area


-Large electric vehicles: buses, electric vehicles, attractions,hybrid vehicles, etc


-Light electric vehicles: electric bicycles, golf carts, small flat battery cars, forklifts, cleaning cars, electric wheelchairs, etc 

-Power tools: electric drills, chainsaws, lawnmowers, etc

-Remote control cars, ships, airplanes and other toys

-Solar and wind power storage equipment

-UPS and emergency lights, warning lights and mining lights 

-Small medical equipment and portable equipment.



5.Safety instructions

HB lithium battery uses non-polluting materials and is produced with unique technology; it has fully passed UL safety certification, but as a lithium battery, like other types of cells, it has certain dangers when it is mechanically damaged. Therefore, the following precautions must be taken into consideration when handling and using HB lithium batteries:

1) It is forbidden to put the battery in water, and should be placed in a cool and dry environment during storage.

2) It is forbidden to use in the hot sunlight of moxibustion, otherwise it may cause battery overheating, fire or function failure.

3) It is prohibited to disassemble, open, chop or puncture the battery pack with metal.

4) It is forbidden to expose the battery or battery pack to heat or flame, to put the battery into the fire and to avoid storing it in direct sunlight.

5) It is forbidden to short-circuit batteries or batteries, and do not place multiple batteries in boxes or drawers at will to avoid shorting each other or by other metal objects.

6) It is prohibited to subject a battery or battery pack to mechanical shock.

7) In the event of leakage, do not contact the leaking liquid directly to the skin or eyes, if contact occurs, apply a large amount of water to flush the contact area.

8) Do not use non-special charging, which should be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

9) Note the “plus positive ear” and “-negative ear “signs of the battery pack to ensure proper use.

10) Keep the battery pack clean and dry.

If the battery pack becomes extremely dirty, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe it.

12) Do not charge the battery pack for a long time.

13) The best performance and service life of the battery or battery pack can be obtained by charging and discharging at 15°C ~25°C.

14) Keep the original specification of the product for future reference.

15) Dispose of waste batteries or batteries in accordance with national environmental protection laws.