48v 50ah UPS Lithium Battery, Lithium Iron Phosphate Military Battery Pack

Basic Information
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Brand Name:HB
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Detail Information

Product Description

48V50Ah BMS Energy Storage UPS Lithium Iron Phosphate Military Battery


Technical Parameters


Technical Specification
Rated Voltage48V
Typical Capacity (25℃,0.5C)50Ah
Standard Charge (25-C)Continuous Charge Current(A) 02C10A
 Max. Cut-off Voltage(V) 57.6 ± 0.02V
 Max. Charge Current(A) 25A (0.5C)


Charging Method (CC-CV)

Cell is charged with 0.2C10Ato 57.6V, then charged at a constant voltage of 57.6V until its current is less than 0 05C
Standard Discharge (25©Continuous Discharge Current(A)0.2C10A
 Max. Cut-off Voltage(V)432 ± 0.05V
 Max. Discharge Current(A)50A (1C)
Over-Charge Protection Voltage (V)57.6V (3.75V of single cell)
Over-Discharge Protection Voltage (V)432V (2.7V of single cell)
BMS leakage current(mA)W1
Maximum Balanced Current(mA)200
Operating TemperatureCharging:(rC~55*C
 Discharging: -2(TC-55OC
Cycle life (25,C,02CA)80% DOD M 2500 cycles
Dimension (W*D*Hmm)3U. 482W480D,132H mm
Net weight (Kgs)43.8kgs



2. Features


※ Intelligent Cell equalization management;
※ Intelligent charge/discharge management and capacity auto learning
※ High precision voltage test ±10mV/cell at 0℃ ~ 45℃, ±10mV/cell at -20℃ ~ 70℃,
※ High precision current test;
※ Software and hardware protection against over-voltage, low-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, high and low temperature,and short circuit;
※ Automatically startup and shutdown: when batteries hang for a period, system turn into standby status automatically, while there is a charge voltage or load, system will wake up automatically
※ It can read the information and set parameters of module by computers through hardware isolated communication ports: RS485/RS232, CAN, Ethernet ect.
※ Module dimensions fit with standard cabinet, easy to install;
※ Working stable with a long cycle life
※ LCD display screen (optional);
※ It can be used in parallel (including charging and discharging), and it can be discharged in series, but we are forbidden to charge in series..