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7.5Ah 48 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Pack 18650 Custom Size And Capacity Ecofriendly-16 years lithium battery expert

7.5Ah 48 Volt Lithium Ion Battery Pack 18650 Custom Size And Capacity Ecofriendly

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HB
Certification: ROHS
Model Number:
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Detail Information
NominalVoltage:48V NominalCapacity:7500mAh
Warranty:1Year CycleLife:500Times
StandardDischargeCurrent:0.2C 11

Product Description

48V lithium battery 7.5Ah custom 18650 Lithium Battery Pack lithium ion battery


1.Technical Parameters


Item Rating Note
Capacity Typical 7500mAh

Discharge:1500mA ,


Min 7500mAh  
Energy 360Wh  

Nominal Voltage


AC Impedance Resistance ≤500mΩ  
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 20V  
Charge Voltage 48V  
Max. Charge Voltage 48V  
Charge Time Approx 6.5h 0.2C
Standard charge current 1500mA 0.2C
Max. Charge Current 7500mA 1.0C
Max. discharge current ≤45℃ 1.0C
Shipments voltage ≥4.05V  
Weight Approx 1200g  
Operating Temperature Charge 0~+60℃  
Discharge -10~+60℃  

Storage Temperature


less than 1


-10~+60℃ Recommended storage temperature: 20℃,at the transportation

less than 6





2. Application Area


Mainly used in solar backpack, solar hood, solar flashlight, solar car, solar sailing boat, solar airplane, BIPV, etc.



3. Safety instructions


HB lithium battery uses non-polluting materials and is produced with unique technology; it has fully passed UL safety certification, but as a lithium battery, like other types of cells, it has certain dangers when it is mechanically damaged. Therefore, the following precautions must be taken into consideration when handling and using HB lithium batteries:

◆ Don’t bend or fold sealing edge. Don’t open or deform folding edge. Don’t fillet the end of the
folding edge

◆ Don’t fall, hit, bend battery body

◆ Battery pack designing and packing Prohibition injury batteries

◆ Never disassemble the cells

◆ The battery replacement shall be done only by either cells supplier or device supplier and never be
done by the user

◆ Keep the battery away from babies

◆ Any components contacting these two edges, they must be insulated