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Custom 18650 Lithium Battery Pack 4400mAh 7.4v Ternary Rechargeable Battery-16 years lithium battery expert

Custom 18650 Lithium Battery Pack 4400mAh 7.4v Ternary Rechargeable Battery

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHIAN
Brand Name: HB
Certification: ROHS
Model Number:
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Payment Terms: T/T
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Detail Information
NominalVoltage:7.4V NominalCapacity:4400mAh
Warranty:1Year CycleLife:500Times
StandardDischargeCurrent:0.2C 11

Product Description

18650 lithium battery 4400mAh custom 7.4V ternary rechargeable battery

1.Technical Parameters


Item Rating Note
Capacity Typical 4400mAh

Discharge:880mA ,


Min 4400mAh  
Energy 32.56Wh  

Nominal Voltage


AC Impedance Resistance ≤200mΩ  
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 6.0V  
Charge Voltage 8.35V  
Max. Charge Voltage 8.40V  
Charge Time Approx 6.5h 0.2C
Standard charge current 880mA 0.2C
Max. Charge Current 4400mA 1.0C
Max. discharge current ≤45℃ 1.0C
Shipments voltage ≥8.45V  
Weight Approx 200g  
Operating Temperature Charge 0~+60℃  
Discharge -10~+60℃  

Storage Temperature


less than 1


-10~+60℃ Recommended storage temperature: 20℃,at the transportation

less than 6




2.Safety instructions

It is prohibited to set the battery and needs to be set in a dry and cool environment during storage.

It’s prohibited to expose the battery or battery pack to fire or heat, to prevent storing it and to set the battery.

Service life and the performance of the battery or battery pack can be obtained by charging and charging at 15°C ~25°C.
Don’t charge the battery pack.


Notice the”and positive ear” and also”-negative ear” signals of the battery pack to ensure appropriate use.

Open It’s illegal to disassemble, chop or puncture the battery pack.

It’s prohibited to use from moxibustion’s sunshine it might lead to operating failure, fire or battery overheating.

Maintain the specification of this item for future reference.
In case of leakage, don’t contact with the liquid directly if contact occurs, use a great deal of water to flush out the contact region.
Use a dry cloth to wash it, In case the battery pack gets dirty.
Maintain the battery pack dry and clean.

Don’t use charging, that ought to be performed in accordance with the directions of the manufacturer.

It’s prohibited to batteries short-circuit batteries, nor put batteries in drawers or boxes will to prevent shorting each other or from metallic items.
Dispose of batteries or batteries in accordance.

It’s illegal to subject a battery or battery pack.