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2.4mm Thickness Ultra Thin Lithium Battery 700mah 243328 Gel Solid State Type-16 years lithium battery expert

2.4mm Thickness Ultra Thin Lithium Battery 700mah 243328 Gel Solid State Type

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HB
Certification: ROHS
Model Number:
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Payment Terms: T/T
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Detail Information
NominalVoltage:3.0V NominalCapacity:700mAh
Warranty:1Year CycleLife:500Times
StandardDischargeCurrent:0.2C 11

Product Description

2.4mm ultra-thin battery 700mAh polymer battery 243328 gel solid state battery


1.Technical Parameters


Part No CP243238
Voltage Range 1.5 to 3.3 V
Nominal Voltage 3.0 V
Nominal Capacity 700mAh @ 10 mA to 1.5 V @ 23° C
Max. Discharge 50 mA continuous
Pulse Capability

Up to 100 mA

Varies according to pulse characteristics, temperature, cell history and the application. Consult


Typical Weight 5.7 grams
Operating Temp -30° C to 75° C
Storage Temp -40° C to 75° C
Exterior/Housing Laminated Aluminum Foil
Terminals/Connec tor Nickel-Aluminum Tabs (Ni-Ni optional)
Safety AL-MSDS/RD-004
Transportation Excepted from Regulations – see note 1


2.Outline Dimensions and Appearance


This thickness will be swelling when high temperature storage or operation in high temperature.



  • Appearance 

There shall be no such defect as scratch, flaw, crack, rust, leakage, which may adversely affect Commercial value of battery.