14ah 3.7v Power Lithium Battery Charge And Discharge Quickly Large Capacity

Basic Information
Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HB
Model Number:3.7V 14Ah
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Detail Information

Product Description

3.7V Power Lithium Battery 14Ah polymer lithium battery custom battery
Battery Cell: Polymer Ternary Cell / 106575-3.7V 7000mAh
Battery Matching Method: 1S2P
Battery Capacity: 3.7V 14Ah, 51.8WH

1Nominal Capacity14Ah
2Normal voltage3.7V
3Normal Impedance<= 300mΩ
4Ref. Weight600 ± 0.1 Kg
5Dimension(20) * (65) * (75) mm
6Charging PortJST-XHP-2.5 Connector
8Battery specifications106575-7000mAh
9Battery Matching Method1S2P
10Charging Cut-off Voltage4.2V
11Charging Current2A Standard; 7A Max
12Discharging Cut-off Voltage2.75V
13Discharging Current2A Standard; 14A Max
14Charging Temperature0 ‘C — 45’C
15Discharging Temperature-20’C — 60’C
16Storage temperature-20’C — 25’C
17Warranty2 Years

Indicate that there should be no obvious scratches, cracks, stains, leaks, deformations and other appearance defects that affect product performance
1: No flying line, device loosening
2: Converter shell surface should be smooth, no impurities, no scratches, warping degree is less than 2%
3: Screen printing is clear to meet safety requirements

Test data
Testing itemTesting methodIndex Value

Rated Capacity
Battery Capacity

After standard charging, the battery pack outputs at 0.2C and cuts off at 2.75v. The total amount of electricity discharged
The capacity should be measured via 48V5A discharge and cut-off at 37.5V after battery full charged

> = 14Ah

Cycle life
Cycle Life

After standard charging, the battery pack is discharged at 0.2C to 2.75V, and the cycle is continued until the remaining capacity is 70%.
After standard charging, discharging battery via 0.2C until 2.75V cut-off voltage, repeat above circle till remained capacity is 70%

> = 500 Times