802540 Li Polymer Battery 800mah For Infrared Thermometer Non Polluting

Basic Information
Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HB
Model Number:802540-800mAh
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Detail Information

Product Description

802540 polymer lithium battery 800mAh POS Infrared thermometer battery 3.7V
size and capacity can be customized according to your requirements !
Mainly used in GPS,MP4,watches,earphone and other digital production, etc.
1. Technical Parameters


Specification description


The surface is clear and is free of scratch, mechanical cuts and match well with the host.

Charge voltage4.2V
Nominal voltage3.7V
Min Capacity

800mAh(at 0.2C rate discharge after standard charge)

Standard Charge method

0.2C CC(constant current) charge to 4.2V, then CV(constant voltage 4.2V) charge till charge current decline to £ 0.01C

Max. charge current

1.0 C

Standard Discharge method


Max. discharge current


Operating temperature

Charging: 0°C ~ 45°C
Discharging: -20°C ~ 60°C

Storage Temperature and Humidity Range

Humidity: 35%~85% RH

Charge the battery every three months. Recommended storage temperature is 25±5°C of SOC 50%~60%.

Cycle Life

≥300 cycles, more than 80% at 0.2C charge and 0.2C discharge

Pack Initial InternalImpedance

≤500mΩ (50% SOC, Measure the AC impedancet 1kHz)

Delivery voltage


2. Safety Performance


ItemsTest Method and ConditionCriteria

Over-Charge Protection

At 20±5℃ conditions,after full-charging the battery with 0.5C and set the constant current and voltage supplier with 2times of the nominal voltage and current, then load it to the battery for 8h.

The battery should be no leakage,deformation,smoking and explosion during the test processes.

Over-Discharge Protection

At 20±5℃ conditions, discharge battery to 6.0V with 0.5C constant current, then discharge with 30Ω loading for 24 hours. Check the appearance of battery.

The appearance is normal,
Noexplosion, No fire,
No smoking, No leakage.

Short-Circuit Protection

After fast-charging, use a cable of 0.1Ω resistance to short the battery for 1 hour. Then check the appearance of battery.
Cut circuit of resistance; test the battery’s voltage after charging with 1C constant current for 5 seconds.

The appearance is normal,
Noexplosion, No fire,
No smoking, No leakage.

Don’t use non-special charging, that should be done in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.
Keep the initial specification of this product for future reference.
It is illegal to subject a battery or battery pack.
Dispose of waste batteries or batteries in accordance.
Don’t charge the battery pack for quite a while.
Service life and the ideal performance of the battery or battery pack can be obtained by charging and charging at 15°C ~25°C.
It’s prohibited to expose the battery or battery pack to flame or heat, to prevent storing it and to set the battery.
Chop, open, It’s prohibited to disassemble or puncture the battery pack.
In case of leakage, don’t contact with the leaking liquid directly into the skin or eyes if contact occurs, apply a large amount of water to flush out the contact area.
It’s forbidden to batteries short-circuit batteries, nor place several batteries in drawers or boxes at will to avoid shorting each other or by other metallic objects.
Notice the”plus positive ear” and also”-negative ear” signals of the battery pack to ensure proper use.
It is prohibited to use from the hot sunshine of moxibustion, otherwise, it might lead to battery overheating, fire or function failure.
Use a dry cloth to wipe it, In case the battery pack becomes extremely dirty.
It should be placed in a warm and humid environment during storage and is prohibited to put the battery.
Keep the battery pack clean and dry.