Ternary 3.7 V 2000mah Rechargeable Battery Customized Size And Capacity

Basic Information
Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HB
Model Number:804050-2000mAh
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Detail Information

Product Description

804050 polymer lithium battery 2000mAh ternary rechargeable battery 3.7V


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1. Technical Parameters


ItemsRated PerformanceRemarks
Nominal Capacity2000mAh

Discharge at 0.2C after standard charge fully

Nominal Voltage3.70V 

End-of-Voltage at end of Discharge


End-of-Charging Voltage

AC Impedance ≤100 mΩAC 1KHz
Standard Charge0.5C CC/CV→4.25V 0.05CcutoffCharge time: Approx 2.5h.
Standard Discharge0.2C CC→2.75V cut off 
Fast Charge1.0A →0.05C cut offCharge time: Approx 1h.
Fast Discharge1.0A→7.5V cut off 
Maximum Continuous Charge Current0.5A 
Maximum Continuous Discharge Current2.0A 

Operation Temperature Range

Charge: 0~60℃Humidity 60±25%
Discharge: -20~60℃

Storage T/H Range



Ternary 3.7 V 2000mah Rechargeable Battery Customized Size And Capacity 0


Test method and request

Items Test Method Request


By sight

No obvious flaw, blot, scratch distorted, tympanous. 

Open-Circuit Voltage

The open-circuit voltage shall be measured within 24 hours after the standard charge.




Impedance Resistance

≤100 mΩ

Nominal Capacity

0.2CB5BA discharge

Discharge Capacity


Cycle Life


Test condition: temperature:

First step:0.5C CC/CV to 4.2V

Second step: Static 10 min

Third step:0.2C CC to 2.5V.

Fourth step: Static 10 min

Fifth step: Repeat the first step to fourth step 300cycles, record 300cycle then compare with first cycle value.

Sixth step: end

Higher than 80% of the Initial Capacities of the Cell


2.Safety Performance


ItemsTest Method and ConditionCriteria

Over-Charge Protection

At 20±5℃ conditions, after full-charging the battery with 0.5C and set the constant current and voltage supplier with 2times of the nominal voltage and current, then load it to the battery for 8h.

The battery should be no leakage, deformation, smoking and explosion during the test processes.

Over-Discharge Protection

At 20±5℃ conditions, discharge battery to 6.0V with 0.5C constant current, then discharge with 30Ω loading for 24 hours. Check the appearance of the battery.

The appearance is normal,
No explosion, No fire,
No smoking, No leakage.

Short-Circuit Protection

After fast-charging, use a cable of 0.1Ω resistance to short the battery for 1 hour. Then check the appearance of the battery.
Cut circuit of resistance; test the battery’s voltage after charging with 1C constant current for 5 seconds.

The appearance is normal,
No explosion, No fire,
No smoking, No leakage.