1350mAh 553759 Li Polymer Battery 500 Times Cycle Life 1 Year Warranty

Basic Information
Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HB
Model Number:HB553759 1350mAh
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Detail Information

Product Description

553759 Li Polymer Battery 1350mAh soft pack Infrared thermometer battery 3.7V 
1. Technical Parameters

Item SpecificationNote 
Nominal Capacity 1350mAh0.2C discharge
Min. Capacity1250 mAh0.2C discharge
Cell Weight≈21g 
Cell Initial Impedance≤ 80mΩ3.7V AC 1KHz measured
Normal Voltage3.7 V 
Initial Voltage≥3.8V 
Limited Charge Voltage4.2 VVoltage of CC charge to CV charge

Standard Charging Method

0.2C CC current charge to 4.2V, then CV charge till current declines to 0.01C

Cut-off Voltage2.75 VLoad Voltage when discharge ended
Standard Charging Current270mA (0.2C) 
Standard Charging Time6~7 hoursCC charge to 4.2 V, then CV charge till
 current declines to less than 0.01C
Rapid Charging Current1350 mA (0.5C) 
Rapid Charging Time约1.5hours 
Standard Discharging Current 270mA (0.2C)

CC discharge to 2.75 V 

Max. Discharging Current1350mA (1C)
Operating Temperature Range 

Charging:0 ~ 45℃
Discharging:-20 ~ 60℃

Operating humidity Range ≤ 90%RH 


ItemCriterionTest Method

0.2C dischargring capacity

Discharging capacity is not less than normal capacity

After Standard Charging,rest 5 minutes,then 0.2C discharge to cut-off voltage

1.0C dischargring capacity

Discharging capacity is not less than 90% of normal capacity

After Standard Charging,rest 5 minutes,then 1.0C discharge to cut-off voltage

Cycle life 

The cycle times is not less than 300

Charge:0.5C CC-CV charge to 4.2 V, then current declines to 0.02C
Discharge:0.5C CC discharge to 2.75 V
When the discharge capacity reduced to 80% of rated capacity, stop testing, and record the cycle times.


Discharging capacity is not less than 85% of initial capacity

After Standard Charging,rest the cell for 28 days in the condition of 20±5℃, then 0.2C discharge to cut- off voltage, and record the capacity.