Original 112365 Electronic Cigarette Battery 1500mAh 15A Lightweight

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Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HB
Model Number:112365-1500mAh
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112365 electronic cigarette battery 1500mAh 3.7V 15A high discharge current


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1. Technical Parameter Of Cell and Pack:



Nominal Capacity


Nominal Voltage




Max. Constant Discharge Current


Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Max. Constant Charge Current


Charging Cut-off Voltage

Thickness max.11.0mm
Width max23.0mm
Height max68.4mm

Range Of Work Temperature





2. Electricity Characteristics


Testing method


1. High and low temperature performance

After full charge under the condition of 23 ℃, measure the capacity ( compared with initial capacity ) of the cell core at different temperature and discharge with 0.2 c current to 3.0V.

≥ 45 % at – 20 ℃

≥ 65 % at 0 ℃

≥ 90 % at 45 ℃

2. Cycle Life characteristics

Measure capacity under the cycle conditions described below, until the discharge capacity ≤80%(10C) for three times. Cycle conditions: Standard Charge(CC-CV,10C,4.2V),Rest for 30min; Discharge at 0.5C to 3.0V cut-off. Testing temperature is 23±2℃

Life≥300 cycles

Discharge Capacity≥80%(10C)

3. CapacityDischarge the battery at a constant current of 1Cto 3.0V after Standard Charge and rest 30min

Discharge Capacity≥

100%(Nominal Capacity)

4. C-rate Discharge CharacteristicsDischarge the battery at a constant current of 10C to 3.0V after Standard ChargeDischarge Capacity≥98%(10 C)

Original 112365 Electronic Cigarette Battery 1500mAh 15A Lightweight 0

Electronic cigarettes are generally composed of a host (with a battery, often a lithium ion polymer battery), and an electronic atomizer (filling in electronic liquid). Smoke oil uses 1,2-propylene glycol and glycerol as the main blending agent, and some add nicotine and other flavor ingredients. There is an atomizing core in the atomizer, which is used to heat the electronic liquid into a mist. The atomizing core has a service life limitation.


There are two main types of mainframes: electronic and mechanical. Mainframes have short-circuit protection mechanisms. When the atomizer is short-circuited, it will not be able to fire automatically. Currently, mainstream chips in the market include YiHi and DNA. Mechanical hosts rely entirely on electrical principles to operate. Almost all types of hosts in the media caused explosions. The main causes of the explosion were short circuits of the atomizer, mismatched batteries, and failure to detect continuous firing by accident.