603048 Li Polymer Battery 900mAh / Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery 3.7V

Basic Information
Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HB
Model Number:603048-900mAh
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Detail Information

Product Description

603048-900mAh Li Polymer Battery 900mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery 3.7V


1. Basic Performance

No.Item Specification Note 
1Nominal Capacity 900mAh0.2C discharge 0.2C
2Min. Capacity 850mAh0.2C discharge 0.2C
3Cell Initial Impedance ≤ 80mΩ3.7V AC 1KHz measured 3.7V
4Normal Voltage 3.7 V 
5Initial Voltage ≥3.8V 
6Limited Charge Voltage 4.2 VVoltage of CC charge to CV charge


Standard Charging Method 

0.2C CC current charge to 4.2V, then CV charge till current declines to 0.01C 0.2C

8Cut-off Voltage 2.75 VLoad Voltage when discharge ended 
9Standard Charging Current180mA (0.2C) 
10Standard Charging Time6~7 hoursCC charge to 4.2 V, then CV charge till
11Rapid Charging Current450mA (0.5C)0.01C
12Rapid Charging Time约3.5hours 
13Standard Discharging Current 180mA (0.2C)


CC discharge to 2.75 V 

14Max. Discharging Current900mA (1C)
15Operating Temperature Range 

Charging:0 ~ 45℃

Discharging:-20 ~ 60℃

16Operating humidity Range ≤ 90%RH 


2. Pack List

16030481Li-ion polymer cell900mAh

Fiber glass polymer compound

circuit board

Pass RoHS
3Plug wire2Polythene and copperUL1571 26# Lenght:50mm,


3. PCB Specification

No.Item Min Typ Max Unit 
1Over-charge Protection Voltage 4.2554.2804.305V
2Over-charge Release Voltage 4.2354.2604.285V
3Over-charge Protection Delay Time /11.2ms
4Over-discharge Protection Voltage 2.3002.4002.500V
5Over-discharge Release Voltage 2.9003.0003.000V
6Over-discharge Protection Delay Time /144/ms
7Over-current Protection for Discharge 3/6A
8Internal Resistance //65
9Operation Static Current 1.0/6.0µA
10Current consumption(Power down) //0.5µA
11Short Circuit Protection Available 
12Short Circuit Protection Delay Time //50µs


4. Size

TBattery pack Thickness max. 6.0mm
WBattery pack Width max.30.5mm
HBattery pack Height max.50.5mm
LWire Length30± 3mm
Pack Impedance ≤160mΩ (20℃~35℃)