3.7V 1500mAh 1678164 Flexible Lithium Ion Battery

Basic Information
Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HB
Model Number:1678164
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Detail Information

Product Description

1678164 flexible lithium battery 1500mAh polymer battery 3.7V


Nominal voltage3.7V
Nominal Capacity1500mAh
Warranty1 year
Cycle life500 times
Standard discharge current0.2C
Standard charge current0.2C


Storage and transportation

Lithium-ion batteries can be stored in a clean, dry, and ventilated environment with a temperature of -5~35℃ and relative humidity of not more than 75%. Avoid contact with corrosive substances, keep away from fire and heat sources, and do not place in direct sunlight. Place, the battery cannot be removed at will. If the battery is stored for a long time, the battery power should be maintained at 30% to 50% of the nominal capacity. It is recommended that the stored battery be charged every six months.

Batteries should be packed in boxes for transportation. During transportation, severe vibration, impact, or squeezing should be prevented, and the sun and rain should be avoided. Cars, trains, ships, airplanes, and other transportation tools can be used for transportation.