662737 500mAh 3.8V Polymer Lithium Battery

Basic Information
Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HB
Model Number:662737
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Detail Information

Product Description

662737 Special Shaped Lithium Battery 500mAh Large Capacity Cell Custom 3.8V Polymer Lithium Battery


Nominal voltage3.8V
Nominal Capacity550mAh
Warranty1 year
Cycle life500 times
Standard discharge current0.2C
Standard charge current0.2C


Charging current: The charging current of lithium-ion batteries should be based on the recommendations of the battery manufacturer, and a current limiting circuit should be required to avoid overcurrent (overheating). Generally, the commonly used charging rate is 0.25~1C, and the recommended charging current is 0.5C (C is the battery capacity, such as a battery with a nominal capacity of 1500mA.h, the charging current is 0.5*1500=750mA). It is often necessary to detect the battery temperature during high-current charging to prevent damage to the battery or explosion due to overheating.