500 Times Cycle Life 3.7V 105mAh 371042 Arc Lithium Battery

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Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HB
Model Number:371042
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Product Description

371042 Arc Lithium Battery 105mAh Special Shaped Cell 3.7V Polymer Lithium Battery


Nominal voltage3.7V
Nominal Capacity105mAh
Warranty1 year
Cycle life500 times
Standard discharge current0.2C
Standard charge current0.2C


Li-ion battery charging

In the use of lithium batteries, it should be noted that the battery will enter a sleep state after being placed for a period of time. At this time, the capacity is lower than the normal value, and the use time is also shortened. But the lithium battery is easy to activate, as long as the battery can be activated after 3-5 normal charge and discharge cycles, and the normal capacity can be restored. Due to the characteristics of the lithium battery itself, it is determined that it has almost no memory effect. Therefore, the new lithium battery in the user’s mobile phone does not require special methods and equipment during the activation process.

To charge the lithium-ion battery, a dedicated lithium-ion battery charger should be used. Lithium-ion battery charging adopts the “constant current/constant voltage” method, first constant current charging, and then changing to constant voltage charging when it is close to the termination voltage. For example, a battery with a capacity of 800mA.h has a final charging voltage of 4.2V. The battery is charged with a constant current of 800mA (charging rate of 1C). At the beginning, the battery voltage rises with a large slope. When the battery voltage is close to 4.2V, it is changed to 4.2V constant voltage charging. The current of the lithium battery gradually decreases, and the voltage changes little. When the charging current drops to 1/10C (approximately 80mA), it is considered that it is nearly full and the charging can be terminated (some chargers start a timer after 10C, and the charging ends after a certain period of time). It is not possible to use a nickel-cadmium battery charger (for three nickel-cadmium batteries) to charge a lithium-ion battery (although the rated voltage is the same, both are 3.6V), due to different charging methods, it is easy to cause overcharge.