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HB Custom Battery 3.7V 381922 130mAh 0.48Wh Lithium Polymer Battery-16 years lithium battery expert

HB Custom Battery 3.7V 381922 130mAh 0.48Wh Lithium Polymer Battery

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: HB
Certification: ROHS
Model Number: 381922
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Payment Terms: T/T
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Detail Information
NominalVoltage:3.7V NominalCapacity:130mAh
Warranty:1Year CycleLife:500Times
StandardDischargeCurrent:0.2C StandardChargeCurrent:0.2C

Product Description

HB Custom Battery 3.7V 381922 130mAh 0.48Wh Lithium Polymer Battery


Nominal voltage 3.7V
Nominal Capacity 130mAh
Warranty 1 year
Cycle life 500 times
Standard discharge current 0.2C
Standard charge current 0.2C

Lithium polymer battery application field

Lithium polymer battery technology is more advanced than lithium-ion batteries. It didn’t appear until the 1970s and has only been installed in smartphones in recent years. For example, Samsung only switched to lithium polymer in the Galaxy S20 series, while other manufacturers used the technology earlier. And Samsung used lithium-ion back on the Galaxy Note 20 series.


Lithium polymer technology also uses positive and negative electrodes but uses dry solid, porous chemical, or gel-like electrolytes instead of liquids. Therefore, polymer batteries can provide a lower profile, flexible, and more robust design, and the possibility of electrolyte leakage causing thermal runaway is lower. In short, they are safer.


A significant disadvantage of this technology is that the manufacturing cost is significantly higher. The life cycle of lithium polymer is also shorter, and the energy stored in the battery is less than that of a lithium-ion battery of the same size. These batteries still need to rely on protection circuits to keep the voltage running within a safe range.


Lithium polymer battery disassembly diagram


Lithium polymer battery production process