HB 3.7V 902527 550mAh 2.03Wh Lithium Polymer Battery Custom Battery

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Place of Origin:CHINA
Brand Name:HB
Model Number:902527
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Product Description

HB 3.7V 902527 550mAh 2.03Wh Lithium Polymer Battery Custom Battery


Nominal voltage3.7V
Nominal Capacity550mAh
Warranty1 year
Cycle life500 times
Standard discharge current0.2C
Standard charge current0.2C

Lithium polymer battery application field

1. What is a lithium-polymer battery


Lithium polymer battery is a new type of high-density lithium battery. It uses collagen fiber polymer as the electrolyte. It can make it into batteries of various shapes and capacities according to the equipment requirements. The minimum wall thickness can reach 0.5mm, without battery charging. Memory.


2. What are the advantages of lithium polymer batteries compared to 18650 batteries?


1, 18650 batteries are ordinary lithium batteries, and liquid electrolytes are used, while lithium polymer batteries are suspicious gel electrolytes, which are not prone to fluid leakage.


2. The lithium polymer battery has high relative density and strong elasticity. It can be shaped into the shape required by its customers according to the requirements of the mobile power supply, and the portable power supply of equal capacity is lighter.


3, 18650 battery is overcharged, short-circuit failure, etc., it is likely to cause the portable power to explode, but lithium polymer battery is not easy.



Lithium polymer battery disassembly diagram


Lithium polymer battery production process